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The Beatles - Let It End Full Album

The Beatles - Let It End Full Album Performer: The Beatles
Title: Let It End
Style: Pop Rock
Category: Rock / Pop
Date of release: 2013
Country: Europe
Label: Original Master Series
Catalog number: OMS 163-168
Size MP3: 2793 mb
Size FLAC: 2900 mb
Rating: 4.5


1Save The Last Dance (22.59 Second Mix)
2I Me Mine (Take 16 Unknow Mix Stereo)
3Get Back (28.43 Third Mix)
4Across The Universe (Take 7 RS Final Mix Acetate)
5For You Blue (25.49 + 25.45 Movie Mix V2 Mono)
6The Walk (27.83 First Mix Stereo)
7Let It Be (31.64 + 31.65 Video Mix)
8One After 909 (30.08 + 30.09 Movie Mix)
9Music During Sessions (Part 1)
10Rock 'N' Roll Medley 1 (26.56 + 26.57 + 26.59 Anthology Mix)
11The Long And Winding Road (26.91 First Mix Stereo)
12The Long And Winding Road (31.40 DVD Mix)
13Dig It (26.55 + 24.85 Second Mix)
14Let It Be (Take 30 Acetate Mix)
15Dig A Pony (Rockband Mix)
16Rock 'N' Roll Medley 1 (26.56 + 26.57 Monitor Mix)
17Get Back (23.78 + 23.79 + 23.80 + 23.81 First Mix)
18I've Got A Feeling (Rockband Mix)
19Rocker (22.58 Second Mix)
20The Long And Winding Road (31.40 Video Mix)
21Get Back (27.63 + 28.43 Second Mix)
22One After 909 (30.08 + 30.09 + 30.17 Second Mix)
23Rock 'N' Roll Medley 1 (26.59 Monitor Mix)
24Teddy Boy (24.33 First Mix Mono)
25For You Blue (25.46 + 27.63 First Mix)
26Isn't It A Pity (25 Unknow Demo)
27Rock 'N' Roll Medley 1 (26.60 1.5 Mix)
28Dig A Pony (22.70 First Mix)
29Teddy Boy (24.33 First Mix V1 Stereo)
30Get Back (30.04 Movie Mix)
31Get Back (30.04 DVD Mix)
32For You Blue (25.46 Second Mix)
33Across The Universe (Take 7 Unknow Mix Stereo)
34I Me Mine (Rockband Mix)
35Teddy Boy (24.33 Second Mix)
36Dig It (26.55 1.5 Mix)
37Let It Be (31.64 + 31.65 DVD Mix)
38Rock 'N' Roll Medley 1 (26.59 Complete)
39Dig A pony (22.70 Second Mix)
40Dig A Pony (22.23 Monitor Mix)
41For You Blue (25.49 + 25.45 Movie Mix V1 Mono)
42Rock 'N' Roll Medley 1 (26.58 Complete)
43I Me Mine (Unknow Take)
44I Me Mine (Take 16 Complete)
45Teddy Boy (24.33 First Mix V2 Stereo)
46Dig A Pony (22.21 Anthology Mix)
47Don't Let Me Down (30.06 Video Mix V2)
48Two Of Us (31.13 + 31.15 Promo Mix)
49I Me Mine (Take 16 V3)
50Don't Let Me Down (22.60 First Mix Mono)
51Dig It (26.55 + 24.85 Movie Mix)
52I've Got A Feeling (22.71 Final Mix)
53Don't Let Me Down (30.06 Video Mix V1)
54Rock 'N' Roll Medley 1 (26.58 1.5 Mix)
55Rock 'N' Roll Medley 2 (29.49 Monitor Mix)
56Across The Universe (Take 7 RS Final Mix)
57The Walk (First Mix Mono)
58Two Of Us (31 Unlnow Take)
59Let It Be (31.64 + 31.65 Movie Mix)
60Get Back (27 Unknow Take Mix)
61Teddy Boy (24.33 Third Mix Stereo)
62Let It Be (26.74 First Mix Mono)
63I've Got A Feeling (22.71 Anthology Mix)
64For You Blue (25.46 + Overdub Final Mix)
65Get Back (27.63 First Mix)
66Get Back (23.78 + 23.79 + 23.80 First Mix)
67Teddy Boy (24.33 RS1)
68Don't Let Me Down (30.06 Movie Mix)
69For You Blue (25.49 + 25.45 Video Mix)
70I Me Mine (Take 16 V2)
71Rock 'N' Roll Medley 1 (26.58 Monitor Mix)
72Let It Be (26.74 First Mix Stereo)
73Rock 'N' Roll Medley 1 (26.56 + 26.57 Complete)
74Mailman Bring Me No More Blues (29.53 1982 Mix)
75Rock 'N' Roll Medley 1 (26.59 1.5 Mix)
76I Me Mine (Take 16 V1)
77The Long And Winding Road (26.91 Unknow Mix)
78I've Got A Feeling (22.71 Second Mix)
79Two Of Us (24.48 + 24.69 Second Mix)
80Don't Let Me Down (22.60 Unknow Mix)
81Two Of Us (24.30 Anthology Mix)
82Get Back (27.63 + 28.43 Third Mix)
83Don't Let Me Down (22.80 + 22.60 Second Mix)
84Two Of Us (24.69 Second Mix)
85Get Back (30.04 Promo Mix)
86Get Back (Reprise) (28.43 Second Mix)
87Dig It (26.55 + 24.85 Third Mix)
88The Long And Winding Road (26.91 + Overdub Acetate)
89Let It Be (25.81 Anthology Mix)
90Music During Sessions (Part 2)
91Don't Let Me Down (Rockband Mix)
92Two Of Us (31 Unknow Take)
93The Long And Winding Road (26.91 Second Mix)
94The Long And Winding Road (26.91 Third Mix)
95The Complete Rooftop Concert
96Don't Let Me Down (30.06 Complete)
97One After 909 (30.08 + 30.09 + 30.17 Third Mix)
98For You Blue (25.46 First Mix)
99I've Got A Feeling (22.71 + 27.84 Third Mix)
100For You Blue (25.34 Anthology Mix)
101Don't Let Me Down (22.60 First Mix Stereo)
102Get Back (30.04 Video Mix)
103I Me Mine (Take 16 Final Mix)
104Rock 'N' Roll Medley 1 (26.56 + 26.57 1.5 Mix)
105Don't Let Me Down (22.58 + 22.56 + 22.80 + 22.60 Third Mix)
106For You Blue (25.49 + 25.45 Movie Mix)
107Let It Be (31 Unknow Take)
108The Long And Winding Road (26.91 Anthology Mix)
109The Long And Winding Road (31.40 Movie Mix)
110Maggie Mae (24.29 Third Mix)
111I've Got A Feeling (27.84 1.5 Mix)
112Two Of Us (31.13 Movie Mix)
113Let It Be (31.64 + 31.49 Second Mix)
114Get Back (30.17 Anthology Mix)
115Teddy Boy (28.63 + 24.33 Anthology Mix Stereo)
116Two Of Us (24.69 Third Mix)
117Get Back (Rockband Mix)
118Don't Let Me Down (22.58 + 22.80 + 22.60 Final Mix)
119I've Got A Feeling (30.07 Movie Mix)
120I've Got A Feeling (22 Unknow Take)
121Don't Let Me Down (30.06 DVD Mix)
122Dig A Pony (22.70 Final Mix)
123Let It Be (Take 30 RS1 + RS2)
124For You Blue (25.46 Third Mix)
125Get Back (30.17 Movie Mix)
126Two Of Us (24.48 + 24.69 Final Mix)
127The Long And Winding Road (26.91 First Mix Mono)
128Let It Be (31.64 + 31.65 Third Mix)
129Rock 'N' Roll Medley 2 (29.49 1982 Mix)
130Dig A Pony (22.70 Movie Mix)
131Maggie Mae (24.49 Second Mix)
132Dig A Pony (22.70 Third Mix)
133 Bonus CD
134Get Back (28.43 Movie Mix)
135Rock 'N' Roll Medley 1 (26.56 + 26.57 Movie Mix)


Let It Be Sessions. Sixth CD contains the complete roof concert.

Digitally remastered, pressed on gold discs. Packaged in a chunky jewel case with a 40 page booklet and outter slip case.


The Beatles, also known as the White Album, is the ninth studio album and only double album by the English rock band the Beatles, released on 22 November 1968. Its plain white sleeve has no graphics or text other than the band's name embossed, which was intended as a direct contrast to the vivid cover artwork of the band's previous LP Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. The Beatles is recognised for its fragmentary style and diverse range of genres, including folk, British blues, ska, music hall. The End is a song by the English rock band the Beatles from their 1969 album Abbey Road. It was the last song recorded collectively by all four Beatles, and is the final song of the medley that constitutes the majority of side two of the album. The song features one of the few drum solos recorded by Ringo Starr. Released on this day in 1970, rehearsals and recordings for the album took place in January 1969 in Twickenham Film Studios, and then in the basement studio and on the rooftop of the bands offices in Savile Row, London. The whole Let It Be project was really to see work in progress to see the Beatles working. It doesnt matter what were going through as individuals, you know on a bulls t level when it gets to the music you know when you can see that its really cool, weve all put in a thousand percent. The Beatles: Let It Be. Today is the 50th anniversary of the release of. LET IT BE marks its 50th anniversary today, but left to The Beatles and their final album wouldn't have seen the light of day. But the other three werent up for it and thats when he knew The Beatles were done. In the end, Let It Be came about thanks to the bands zealous management. READ MORE: The Beatles fans will 'LOSE their minds' over Let It Be documentary. Let It Be 50th anniversary: The Beatles final album was almost SHELVED during breakup Image: GETTY. READ MORE. John Lennon felt Paul McCartney's Let It Be song wasn't The Beatles. So whats the final Beatles album Abbey Road or Let It Be If youre a Beatles fan, youve had at least one chemically-assisted late-night argument about this because thats what we do. Abbey Road was the last they recorded, but Let It Be was the last they released. So did the greatest band ever bid farewell with Her Majesty or Get Back Does the story end with Paul saying, Someday Im gonna make her mine, or John saying, I hope we passed the audition Its always been a hot-button philosophical question for fans, the kind that defines what kind of Beatlemaniac you are. Though it ma. Let It Be With Dale Ockerman Richard Bryant St. Rio Theatre Santa Cruz, CA Press Release: The White Album Ensemble has performed. The end of the year and the end of the weekend is the end of the Beatles recordings, their final work together the stunning Abbey Road, the might say Let It Be is the ugly duckling of Beatles albums. But the album itself got a bad rap from critics when it first hit shelves less than a month after Paul McCartney announced the band's split on April 10, 1970. But Let It Be is not without its high points. The majority of the album's 12 songs were written by either John Lennon or Paul McCartney, who were rivals in songwriting and spurred each other on, Freiman says. Its a messy end to the Fab Four story, though in some ways, its not an ending at all. It was recorded almost entirely in January 1969, shortly before the lads regrouped, worked their magic one last time, and cut the vastly superior Abbey Road, which dropped in September 69. The Beatles' 'Abbey Road' Turns 45: Classic Track-by-Track Review. Whereas Abbey Road came together somewhat naturally-in a proper studio, with longtime producer George Martin at the helm-Let It Be and its. The Beatles last album to be released, Let It Be was mostly recorded in early 1969, prior to Abbey Road. The music was produced by George Martin, and was then prepared for release in 1970 by Phil Spector. Following the often fractious sessions for the White Album in the summer of 1968, Paul McCartney realised The Beatles were in danger of fragmenting further if they continued to work independently of each other. We started Let It Be in January 1969 at Twickenham Studios, under the working title Get Back. Michael Lindsay-Hogg was the director. It's been 50 years since the Beatles released their final album, Let It Be. Now, a new film will look back on its making, and the deep divisions that led to the band's breakup. But just how accurately will it portray what really went on. A new film out later this year will go behind the scenes with the Beatles leading up to the release of Let It Be in 1969